Winter Landscaping For A Beautiful Wintry Yard

Is snow shovelling a business-like affair where you shovel quickly and spare no glance for your ssurroundings? Then to make it enjoyable, sprucing up your yard to make it visually aesthetic with a wintry feel will inevitably draw admiring stares. While for most people the onset of winter usually means abandoning their yards such that they fall into a sorry state of neglect, this is a great time to landscape since most plants and trees are dormant.

Instead of letting your yard look stark, icy and drab, a little effort can go a long way in sprucing it to its former glory with a seasonal feel. Click here to learn more about the importance of winter landscaping. You may be perplexed as to what steps to take in making sure that your yard looks good during the winter. Here are some tips to help you in your winter landscaping endevors:

When planning for winter, adorn your yard with colorful, evergreen plants and trees that not only have appreciable height to counter the piling snow but also, have dinstinctive features such as great foliage, captivating branch patterns, berries or a great bark. These features helps them stand out in the snow making a beautiful backdrop against the white ground. Such plants include Christmas holly shrubs, bayberry and plume grass. Visit this site for more suggestions of such plants and how to care for them.

Winter landsscaping involves pruning and trimming which most people tend to stop doing. Apart from making your plants healthier it helps enforce habits such as raking to clear leaves and debris.

Another way to improve your yard's appearance during winter is to place colorful evergreen boughs in hanging containers and window boxes to add a pop of color. Read more on how to add flair to your yard and house during the winter months, here.

It is also a great idea to move out of your comfort zone and consider adding hardscape such as stoneworks, benches and garden sculptures. They make for a great addition to the yard. Moreover, continuing practices such as watering plants, mulching and adding fertilizer helps in preventing disease and dehydration. However, be careful to do it right to avoid destroying your plants. Visit this site for more information on winter landscaping and see a more charming yard.