Simple Measures for a Smarter Lawn Maintenance

Many people's yard would become a prairie if they wouldn't provide frequent lawn maintenance to it. In order to have a healthy lawn to show off your neighbors you need to implement simple measures, otherwise you may have to get proper services from experts in this field. Click here to know why.

Learn what is growing in your yard

Different plants grow at a different rate. Obviously, if you keep mowing your lawn, soon you will notice that your grasses look kind of anemic. This is because most of them make their food from the leaves they lose naturally or from the ones that are cut off and fall into the ground, thus delivering nutrients back to the roots. There are some grass types that grow faster than others and the recommended cutting height differ accordingly. For example, blue grama grass and fescue types should be cut at 2-3 inches height, while other types such as centipede grass would be less stressed with a mowing height of 1-2 inches.

Keep your blades sharp

Anybody can realize how disgraceful is shaving the hair with dull blades. It is very uncomfortable, and there's always need to apply extra force for better results. Plants, especially grasses when cut with dull blades, get uneven edges causing discoloration and show an unhealthy look. This is why we recommend sharpening your blades at least every five to six weeks. It is a good idea to keep an extra blade at hand just in case you ran out of sharpened ones.

Keep your lawn clean

Although plants often take advantage of nutrients from leaves on the ground, it is inadequate to allow thick layers to pile up. These layers could abate healthy plants preventing herbicides, fertilizers and natural or artificial nutrients from being absorbed - visit this site to know more about effective lawn maintenance. You need to clean up any accumulation or piles of wet leaves and remove any broken branches and debris out of your yard.