Selling Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Need Not Be Painful

Unless you are a blue-collar worker, and 8-5 grinder, earning money is never automatic in a capitalist-driven economy. However, there exist a lucky few who live in areas in the United States that are rich in mineral resources, which in turn spawns a very booming business selling mineral rights. Read here

Unlike what they show in those feel-good movies about a poor sap making it big through serendipitous circumstance, trading oil and gas mineral rights seems a gargantuan task, especially if you're a greenhorn. To the outsider, this industry is likened to the capricious bourse where a slight vibration will send ripples throughout the economy.

If you get past the primary fear, you will discover that the process is quite easy because most companies provide a step-by-step guide so you can complete the whole operation without so much as a groan. But the best thing about it is their assistance comes for free. Yes, you read that right. They send their experts, evaluate your property, give you advice and it will not cost you a single penny.

When you submitted the requirements, which are information about your property, it will just take 72 hours before the company offer you a contract to purchase your oil and gas mineral rights, regardless whether they are producing or not; or whether they are leased or unleased. If anything else, it will give you the opportunity to liquidate your property while getting top dollar for royalty interests.

After contacting the company, its experts request for prior leases just to make sure your property is not tied down to any other binding agreements, any check stubs for the mineral interest or conveyances, like mineral and warranty deeds, for example. Don't be daunted by the technical questions because they are meant to protect both the company's interest and yours. Often, the initial interview already enables the company to filter out a property with potential from a dud.

The company then sends in a geologist or a technical expert for a manual inspection of your property. It's all very high-tech stuff as they study the potential reserves of your mineral rights or the decline curve analysis so they can gauge how much they should invest and how much royalty you can get.

Just make yourself clear during the initial discussion that allowing them to assess your property is not an obligation on your part to enter into business with them. Some companies, however, do have this add-on service so make sure you confirm that first. Visit site