Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets accumulate dirt, dust and food particles over time. This dirties the carpet and makes it stuffy and may lead to the emergence of dirt affiliated microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and mites which are unhygienic. It may also lead to a foul smell in the room which causes discomfort. It is, therefore, recommended that there be a regular carpet cleaning. How often to clean usually depends on the carpet usage, the number of kids and pets in the home or if one of the tenants is greatly affected by dust. It is, therefore, important to choose the perfect carpet cleaning method so that the carpet can have a long life due to protected fibre when the appropriate method is used. There are a variety of ways in which carpets can be cleaned depending on the material and fibre used to manufacture the carpet. The various methods are briefly explained below. Click here
Steam Cleaning
This method best suits those homes with people allergic to dust. The method involves lathering hot water with soap solution then applied to the carpet then rinsed off. In this method, however, the machine being used dictates whether to use steam or hot water. Most machines are wired to use hot water. Read more
Dry cleaning
In situations where one is impatient on the carpet drying time, dry cleaning is the saviour. A particular powder with high affinity for dirt is applied on the surface of the carpet before the carpet is vacuumed to remove the powder with dirt attached.
Detergents are applied on the carpet and machines are used to penetrate it within the carpet. Vacuuming is then done to eradicate the detergent. Perfumes and brightening agents are then employed to lighten up the carpet. The method is unreliable since it leaves scores of dirt. Learn more here
This method is a hybrid of shampooing and dry cleaning. It reduces the quantity of water used for the carpet to dry quickly. A foam detergent which has high affinity towards dirt is applied and vacuumed back with the impurities. Visit site